Everything You Should Know About Gum Disease Surgery


Everything You Should Know About Gum Disease Surgery

If your periodontist has recommended you get gum disease surgery, your mind is probably racing right now. Many people have no idea about the subject and it causes them to experience a lot of undue panics. Having the right information on hand can help put your mind at ease. Keep reading to gain some much-needed insight.
The first thing you should understand is that this kind of surgery is generally recommended to people who have experienced gum recession. This is when the gums and teeth start to experience some separation from one another. While many people experience this until it becomes severe most are not aware that it is happening.
The reason that this is such a huge issue is the fact that the tissue around the tooth is what protects the roots from being exposed. If you are unfortunate enough for a recession to start occurring, not only may it be something you find aesthetically unpleasing, but it can cause some serious problems. It can cause damage to the supporting bone as well as heighten tooth sensitivity. The latter can cause pain when eating and drinking liquids, so you can see why that would be a huge problem.
The main issue that happens when a recession is really far along is tooth loss. Since there is nothing to protect the tooth and serve as a barrier, it loosens and eventually falls out of place. Whether you are old or young, this is a serious issue that should be avoided if possible.
When the surgery is performed, tissue from the roof of the mouth is removed and used to create an encasement around the damaged area. This may sound extremely painful, but it is not as terrifying as you are thinking. In fact, many former patients have mentioned how different it was than they imagined. It is also possible for dental professionals to use tissue from a bank instead of that in your own mouth. This is something that they will take into consideration and discuss with you if it is determined you are going to move forward and have surgery.
This is a serious matter that should be addressed as soon as possible. Do not allow your fear of having a procedure done prevent you from having your mouth taken care of as soon as possible. Now that you know what can be expected, you should feel better about the situation at hand.